1. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Plane to Product Dienstverlening Jun 2015 Online Outdoor  
  2. McDonald's EtenWeter Retail May 2015 Online  
  3. Heineken The Soccer Doc Fast Moving May 2015 Online Yes
  4. Heineken #ChampionTheMatch Fast Moving May 2015 TVC Online Mobile Yes
  5. Heineken The 3D Printable Match Pack Fast Moving May 2015 Online Yes
  6. Two bronze Lions for our KLM #HappytoHelp campaign in the category Media!

  7. Ziggo Neuriën Dienstverlening May 2015 Online  
  8. Ola De Office Ice Cream Truck Retail May 2015 Online  
  9. Centraal Beheer Achmea Welkom Dienstverlening May 2015 TVC Online  
  10. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Bluey Dienstverlening Apr 2015 Online  
  11. Chocomel Chocomel Vers Retail Mar 2015 TVC Online  
  12. Tomorrow from 12:40-13:10, our CO-CEO Sandra Soskic & Gary Raucher(TomTom) at the...

  13. McDonald's PICTO Retail Feb 2015 Print Online Outdoor Mobile  
  14. adidas #ThereWillBeHaters Retail Feb 2015 Online  
  15. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Wishing you a magical Christmas Dienstverlening Dec 2014 Online  
  16. InShared Brommer Dienstverlening Dec 2014 TVC  
  17. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines The Airplane Apartment Dienstverlening Dec 2014 Online  
  18. Coming soon to an office near you... the amazing Wall's Ice Cream Truck! #GoodbyeSerious

  19. Chocomel Chocomel Letters Food & Beverages Dec 2014 Print Online  
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