How do you introduce a new news brand in a fast-changing media landscape?

Topics is the app that makes content from all 13 premium newspapers published by the Persgroep (15,000 new articles weekly, from 2,000 journalists) available to all subscribers. What makes Topics special is above all that it is very easy to select topics of interest within this enormous amount of content.

As a result, Topic’s offering is not only very large, but also personal. The campaign focuses on this personal aspect. By making your own selection of news topics that are relevant and interesting to you, you decide where you want to go deep and what you want to read less about. This lets you follow your curiosity instead of the news – the central idea in the campaign concept.

The campaign presents Topics as a serious addition to the news landscape. Not as an add-on to your newspaper subscription, but as a news brand in its own right.
The work
Sep 2017