How do you explain to the world that there is only one brand of coconut water that is as fresh as… fresh coconut water?

It’s healthy to keep well hydrated, and more and more people are aware of this. Also, we are learning more about the downside of other drinks like fruit juices – and so we’re looking for alternatives.

Obrigado is such an alternative (and possible even the best one). It’s 100% pure coconut water. Thanks to a unique process, it is bottled straight out of the nut, without exposure to air or light. And it hails from the groovy region of Bahia in Brazil.

Using the theme ‘Free ya Bahia’, we tell Obrigado’s story: healthy, Brazilian lust for life, in a bottle.

For Obrigado, we developed not only the positioning and the campaign material for both the Brazilian and the American and European markets, but also the corporate website.
The work
Nov 2017
Food & Beverages