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How do you make sure that the longest-running advertising campaign in the Netherlands continues to be fresh and interesting?

We have been working for Centraal Beheer for more than 30 years, following the strategy that the company should always be visible and sympathetic. Impact, awareness and likeability – that’s the life blood of the ‘Just Call Us’ campaign. After 59 commercials, the bar for this series was very high indeed: we needed to make another film that would generate a lot of talk value and share value.

In the 60th commercial, we meet a very special protagonist: none other than Hulk Hogan, who turns out to be a knight in shining armour when a handbag is stolen.

But as always in a Centraal Beheer commercial, things don’t play out as you expected them to…
The work
Commercial 'Hulk'
Commercial 'Hulk'
Feb 2017
TVC Online

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