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How do you show that Vodafone sees connecting people as an opportunity to truly make people’s lives better?

As a part of Vodafone’s ‘Powerful Connections’ programme, we developed the ‘Get The Flow’ app. A free app that lets children who stutter practice their speech skills by rapping – on their own or together with friends. Together with Dutch singer Miss Montreal (who also stutters), Dutch rapper Ali B and other well-known rappers, we developed a series of raps that went from easy to more and more difficult. Mitch, a boy who stutters, was invited to test the app together with Ali B and Miss Montreal.

The app was then launched together with the Dutch Stutter Federation. The results were overwhelming: we generated more than €5.2 million in media value (reaching over 11 million people in the Netherlands), almost a quarter of the population knew about the campaign, 2 out of every 3 stuttering children were activated, the app in now being used in more than 70 stutter clinics, and social-media sentiment around Get The Flow was 95% positive.
The work
Apr 2017
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