'Man, you're so beautiful when you try'

How can a health insurance company help people make choices for a healthier life?

At Menzis, the central idea is that people always come first. So for some years, the campaign ‘Man, you’re so beautiful’ has been celebrating the beauty of individual human beings. Starting in 2017, we are focusing on people who do their best, who try to make a change in their life—which always goes with ups and downs. ‘Man, you’re so beautiful when you try.’

The campaign also introduces the renewed Menzis SamenGezond online health programme and app, which help people (even if they are not insured at Menzis) to make healthier choices in life. Because Menzis doesn’t just want to encourage people, but also give them practical help in finding a healthier lifestyle.

The campaign comprises a TV commercial and four online films, as well as a content layer. For example, a series of short programmes will be aired on SBS6, titled ‘The first step weeks’, in combination with several articles in Sanoma print and online titles, like
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Nov 2017
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