A'dam Fresh Heineken

How does a market-leading beer brand become personal and authentic again, in a market that is increasingly populated by small, sympathetic craft beer brands?

In addition to being a large worldwide beer brand, Heineken is of course also Amsterdam’s local beer. And when people travel abroad, they always want to try the local customs and delicacies. Which is why we developed ‘A’Dam Fresh Heineken’ – the ideal beer for toasting your visit to Amsterdam.

Using hotel and transport data, we targeted individual travellers. A fresh bottle of beer was brewed for each of them, ready on the day of their arrival. Chilled and stored in the dark, to make sure they could drink the freshest beer from Amsterdam in Amsterdam.

Every custom-made beer was given personalised travel details, making the bottle a unique souvenir, a memento of our hospitality. Plus: a personalised map of Amsterdam, with hotspots and unknown attractions – all based on the traveller’s personal preferences.
The work
Jun 2017
Food & Beverages

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