'We love honesty'

How do you tell the Dutch people that no one does indemnity insurance as honestly as InShared?

People are rightly distrustful of insurance companies. They’re wary of the small print and the terms & conditions that, when it really matters, turn out to be less than favourable than you thought. At InShared, you’ll find none of that. The company wants to seize every opportunity to make insurance more honest.

We tell that story through scenes set at InShared’s main office. Time and again, it is shown that the people at InShared have an extraordinary (and sometimes even uncomfortable) tendency to be brutally honest. For example, when a colleague celebrates her birthday and treats everyone to a home-made cake that didn’t turn out quite as she expected: instead of politely eating their slice, the colleagues tell her exactly what they think of the cake.

The scenes are a prompt for giving an example about honesty in a policy or when handling damage claims.
The work
Apr 2017
TVC Online

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